Firearms Collectors

Core-Vens Insurance has been providing coverage for Firearms Collectors since 1987. Our program provides coverage while your guns are at your residence or described premises, in transit or shipping, and all other locations. This program concentrates on the true collector who buys, sells and trades for the benefit of their collection. This coverage protects your firearms from physical damage or theft on a Special Risk Coverage Form. Coverage is worldwide.

Policy Features 

  • Limited Scheduling of Firearms
  • Special Risk Coverage Tailored Specifically for Collectors
  • Automatic Temporary Coverage for Newly Acquired Property
  • Flexible Deductibles

Program Annual Pricing Example:

Coverage                  Annual Price

$100,000                     $350

$200,000                    $608

$500,000                    $1,103

$1,000,000                  $1,928

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