We have been very fortunate to work with and insure some great people in this business since 1987. We are grateful to all of our customers and friends in the industry that continue to support this program. There are a few who we would especially like to acknowledge.

"Thanks to Fred Fiet and the CADA Board of Directors, who in 1987, asked us to pilot this program. Thanks for your 30+ years of continued support."
Collectors Arms Dealers Association CADA

"Thanks Pat Hogan and Kevin Hogan for your great ideas, many years of vocal support and countless referrals to our program."'
Rock Island Auction Company

"Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your great organization. You put on the best show, year after year! We appreciate the 10+ year relationship. What a great organization!"
Dallas Safari Club

"Thanks Doug for always being there when we need you. You've become a great part of what makes us special and we appreciate all you do for us, and our customers."
Doug Turnbull Restoration

"Thanks Duke McCaa and LD McCaa for your friendship, some great laughs and your unending support over the years."
Gulf Breeze Firearms and Westley Richards USA

"Thanks to the late Jack Puglisi and John Puglisi for the great stories, unique purchases and the many years of friendship and support."
Puglisi Gun Emporium

"Thanks for your endorsements, support of our program and the trust in us during your travels" 
Ivan Carter

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